Getting The Cash Out Of Your Customers’ Pockets

Getting The Cash Out Of Your Customers’ Pockets

Let’s say that you now have an influx of people who know about your business. So, how do you ensure that you generate massive sales for your business by getting these people to buy from you? And how will you get them to keep on buying from you and retain them as your valuable customers?

Well, that’s not too difficult to accomplish if you first entice them with a killer sales letter. You can read more about how to do that in our previous article on sales letters. Next, you need to observe M.E. No, not me, but the following:

  • Moving The “Free Line”
  • Establish And Maintain Rapport

Moving The “Free Line”
Moving the “free line” is a phrase that has been popularised by online marketers and entrepreneurs. It means if possible, after you have created one of the most revolutionary products you could ever make, give it away for free. Yes, give it away for free!

The rationale behind this is that when your potential customers see that your free products are this fantastic (assuming you’ve put the effort into it), they can imagine what your priced products will be like, and will definitely pay any amount of money to get their hands on them.

And just how do you give away the products for free? We will just be presenting a few popular ones below. Feel free to innovate and come out with others of your own.

Create a physical or digital product and give it away. Your free product and your paid product should be linked in such a way that if people use your free product, it is only logical that they have to follow up and get your paid one as well.

Provide an irresistible free sample of your product. Especially if it’s an infoproduct, make sure your free sample gives away some very valuable information that leaves your readers hanging in suspense. They’ll be consumed by curiosity to get your paid product.

Provide a free consultation / advice session. During your consultation, recommend some useful tools, products or services that your prospects simply cannot live without if they want to act on your advice. These products, of course, should be yours or those which you earn a commission from.

Establish And Maintain Rapport
Establishing rapport with your customer base is something you cannot afford to ignore. It actually doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to understand why. Did you ever ask why your family and friends listen and heed your advice? Is it because they despise you so much and don’t trust you? Obviously no and in fact, it’s the direct opposite. Your family and friends love, trust, respect and trust you and that is why they listen to you.

The same concept can be applied to establishing rapport with your customer base. When you constantly maintain communication and seek to find out more about your customer’s needs and wants and they see that you do this, they will be more likely to listen to you when you provide a solution or advice.

This increases your reputation and credibility and as many people have said before, increased credibility will definitely lead to increased profits. In addition, this also reduces your competition because since your customers trust you, they will remain loyal to you and the likelihood of them approaching your competitors is greatly reduced.

Ok, so how then do you establish rapport with your customer base? The first and easiest step will be to ask their permission to do so. This can be in the form of a survey, questionnaire or feedback form.

Then if they allow it, maintain constant contact with them through various channels (which you should indicate in the forms above) such as a newsletter, email, mail, cell phone messages, telephone calls, et cetera). However, do not just send them marketing and sales promotion all the time. Instead provide them with valuable content, and request for feedback or problems that they face. Then point them to recommended resources that can assist them better.

In this way, you will seem like a saviour, reputable figure that they can respect instead of someone who is a pestilence to them. As I have said before, when you always put the interest of the customers before your very own and when they see this, they will be more likely to flash out their cash to you.