How to Attain Success with a Goal Script

How to Attain Success with a Goal Script

Everything that has an End has a Beginning

In Stephen R Covey’s classic book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (which many people are trying to emulate), the 2nd Habit, for those who’ve read it and memorised all 7 of them, goes, “Begin with the End in Mind”. This is exactly what you should be aiming for when it comes to your goals.

See the big picture first, but then, later, don’t forget the smaller pictures that make up the big picture. Your Goal Script will begin with your ultimate end goal. Then, your big goal will be broken down into four acts, or milestones, or sub-goals, the last (forth) of which is your big goal.

Your second act would be the target, objective, event, or point in time, in which you are 75% through to reaching your goal. Your third act would be the point in your journey towards your goal in which you are 50%, or halfway through. Your forth act would be the point where you are 25% through. This would be the point nearest to where you are right now in reaching for your goal.

In our previous article, we talked about the Sphere of Power. This is exactly the principle put into practice. Gradual expansions of your Sphere of Power by attaining smaller achievements that build up to great ones. In fact, there can be goals within bigger  goals within even bigger goals within your biggest goals in life. This is all done in order to slowly and steadily increase your Sphere of Power. Your whole life should be a planned series of milestones that need to be met in order to complete the big motion picture of your life.

How to Create Your Goal-Scripts
Like a movie script, you shall do a rough draft of your Goal Script first on a separate journal or piece of paper or writing software or app. You will use only four pages of at least A4 (Letter) size paper or on your writing software or app. Each page will be for each of your four acts.

The first page, your first act, will be the script for your ultimate end goal, which you should have already defined. Your second page, your second act, will be the script for the milestone sub goal where you are 75% (or 3/4s) towards the attainment of your ultimate goal. Your third page, third act, will be the point where you’re 50%, or halfway, to reaching your goal. Your fourth page, fourth act, 25%.

Comprehensive Example of a Goal Script
Let’s say your goal is to sell 1,000 units of your product and you get an estimated $97 per unit sold, your gross profit will be $97,000.00. What is your deadline? Maybe you say, 25th December, 2021. So your precise Goal Statement, reads:

“I, Your Name Here, will sell at least 1,000 copies or more of my product, earning me a gross profit of at least $97,000.00 or more with an earning of at least $97.00 or more per unit sold, by midnight, 0000 hours, 25th December, 2021.”

The format for your Precise Goal Statement should be something like: “I, STATE YOUR FULL REAL NAME HERE, will DO, BE, HAVE SOMETHING, by SPECIFIC TIME, SPECIFIC DATE, DEADLINE.” When you want to state some numbers, like how much you earn or how many kilos you want to lose, or how many sales you want to make, use the phrase “at least NUMBER or more”.

You can write “I, YOUR NAME, am/having/doing something”; i.e. in the present tense if you like, but do NOT write “I, YOUR NAME, want to be/ do/ have some- thing”. You’ll only be stuck in a state of per- petual “want”-ness.

Next, once you’ve gotten your precise goal statement clear, think about the mile- stones you’ll have to accomplish. Like this:

“2nd Act: I, Your Name Here, will have at least 100 affiliates or more promoting my product in legitimate, ethical and effective ways for me, at least 20 or more of whom are super affiliates, sending on average at least 1,000 or more unique, targeted visitors to my website per day, at least 10 or more of whom become customers, beginning or around midnight, 0000 hours, 25th August, 2021.”

“3rd Act: I, Your Name Here, will receive at least 500 or more unique, targeted visitors to my website from Google, Yahoo and other major search engines, every day, beginning or around midnight, 0000 hours, 25th July, 2021.”

“4th Act: I, Your Name Here, will fully launch my product on my ecommerce website,, by selling it via Amazon, and setting up an affiliate program for it on my website, rewarding my affiliates with 25% commissions, at a retail price of $97.00, earning me at least $72.25 or more per sale, and promoting it via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO and potential super affiliates in such ways as to bring at least 100 or more visitors to my website every day, beginning or before midnight, 0000 hours, 25th June, 2021.”

Turn Each Precise Goal Statement into a Scene
Next, turn each of your Precise Goal Statements for each important milestone of your goal into a scene for each act. How? Using the format I’m outlining below:
1) What are the things that I will see when I’ve achieved this goal? What are the visual evidences that prove I’ve attained this goal?

2) What are the things that I will hear when I’ve reached this goal? What will people say or tell me?

3) What are the things which I will feel (touch) when I’ve attained this goal? What objects will I hold in my hands when I’ve achieved this?

4) What are the things which I will smell or taste, if anything, when I’ve achieved this goal? What are the smells or tastes that I can enjoy after I’ve attained this goal?

5) What are the thoughts, words or voices that I will have in my mind when I have reached this goal?

6) What are the feelings, emotions or states of mind which I will experience when I’ve achieved this goal?

7) What are the spiritual, intuitive, “Sense of Self” ideas which I will have when I have attained this goal?

Powerful exercise, isn’t it? Now do the same for your other three acts. Convert your Precise Goal Statements into narrative descriptions such as those above. All of this should be done as a rough draft first in a separate journal or paper or writing software/ app.

After you’ve written them down or typed them, look at it, read it and feel it as you do so. If you feel that it is still unsatisfactory, modify it as you please. But do so only to a certain extent, otherwise you’ll never move on. If you still can’t get it to make you feel really excited just reading about it, you probably need to revise your goal in the first place.

If you really think that your Goal-Script is ready, write it down nicely, in neatly printed words on your sketchbook or writing software app. Write your Goal-Script on the first page. Then, turn to the next page, leave it blank for your second Act/ milestone, then, write your Script for the second Act on the page beside it and so on.