How to Increase your Business Revenue with a Catchy Sales Letters

How to Increase your Business Revenue with a Catchy Sales Letters

Introduction to Sales Letters
Almost anyone can prepare a sales letter or sales pitch but not everyone can prepare one that will attract attention from customers, and entice them to immediately fork out their cash. This is because a good converting sales letter must possess certain key elements. But do not worry if you do not know them because we will be presenting these key elements in a moment.

If a sales letter is not relevant to your current business model, translate it accordingly to what you’re doing now. A word of caution though because the information that you are about to discover has the extreme potential of skyrocketing your sales and generating massive wealth for you.

Features of a Rock Solid Sales Letter
Let’s get into the elements of a powerful sales letter.

Headline that Turns Heads
The first and one of the most important aspects of a good sales letter is the headline. The headline must be visually-arresting, immediately grab the attention of its audience, and be laden with benefits. All these elements of the headline must then clarify the unique and impossible to resist product or service that your business is offering.

Display your Authority
Upon catching your audience’s attention with the headline, the sales letter must then establish your credibility and authority in your field. This can be done by citing your credentials and achievements in the niche or industry that you are targeting.

Identify your Prospects’ Problems and Propose Solutions
Target, identify and capture in words the problems your prospects are facing. Once they relate to the problems, immediately suggest or hint at the solution (e.g. What if there is a…?)

Great Expectations
Set specific expectations in sensory or numerical terms, using specific words and timeline. For example, “You will experience 123% increase in 30 days.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Reveal at least 3 truths, principles or statistical facts reinforcing your message. Display at least 3 elements of social proof such as testimonials, clients’ results, etc to back up the points.

Solution to all your Problems
Seek the prospect’s permission to reveal the solution and then reveal it. The solution obviously would be your product or service. List the benefits of the solution and the specific features that serve these benefits. Summarise and compare the value of the solution in dollar terms.

Make an Offer that No One Can Refuse
Give the best guarantee you can possibly offer. Make sure to clearly state any money back guarantee offer, or possible exchange or refund policies.

Law of Scarcity
Use the element of scarcity to tell them why they MUST act NOW. Also list any free or limited bonuses your customers will get if they act now. For example, “Only if you order today, I’ll slash $200 off your tuition fees and include a free 3-hour consultation with me!”

In a nutshell, these are the recommended elements that you should include in your sales letter. If you follow and implement them diligently, there is a very high chance that you can skyrocket your sales, increase your revenue and generate massive wealth for your business.