Mastering the Art of Social Networking for Business Success

Mastering the Art of Social Networking for Business Success

Social Networking 101
Social networking is an essential part of not just your business life, but also generally the successful life you strive to achieve. Through social networking, you can obtain accurate information, make suitable contacts and build long lasting, trustworthy and professional relationships with people. And when more people trust and find you reputable, they will be more likely to buy from your business and/or widely promote it for you.

Begin you Social Networking Journey
So where do you start social networking? The first thing to note though is that you network with the right people. The most suitable candidates are those who share or are running similar business ideas, themes, visions, goals, categories or niches, but are not really competing against you.You can meet such people by attending professional or social meetings or gatherings, free or paid seminars, engaging in activities of membership clubs you are a part of, and more.

How to Social Network Correctly
However, knowing who and where to look is just part of the equation. To establish successful networking, you must also know the how. It will be good to observe the following tips in the next few paragraphs when social networking with others.

First impressions do matter considerably so be sure to dress as immaculately as is practically possible. A good business suit will do wonders for your ‘instant credibility’ factor. Be sure the suit makes you look like a serious VIP (very important person), not a typical salesperson. Do not be afraid to add a touch of your own personal style as well.

If your culture has its own line of traditional clothing, don’t be shy to flaunt it. Be proud of your own heritage and show the world that you are not like any Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane or Susan. The best fashion accessory though, is always a genuine and friendly smile. Make the first move by approaching others in a friendly, courteous, lively and vibrant manner. Speak to them politely, and listen to what they have to say. Do not make the conversation just about you, and allow other people to share their input and views.

Carry sufficient business cards and pass them on politely to others. Adopt proper business card etiquette by asking others for their business cards as well and perusing through them for anything common or possible conversation topic. Treat everyone you meet with respect and never look down nor over-idolise (in your words and actions) anyone, no matter their status or level of success. Give and receive information to and from others. Share tips, ‘secrets’ even, as long as you are comfortable with it.

It has been said before that one of the secrets of success is not only what you know but who you know. And this is so true in the context of business – the more people you know through social networking, the more exposures as well as invaluable leverage you get for your business. And the more people you know who trust and believe in you and your business, the more profits you will reap.