Understand your Sphere of Power To Attain Success

Understand your Sphere of Power To Attain Success

Introduction to your Sphere of Power
If you are working your way towards success, it is wise to know and understand the concept of your Sphere of Power. No, it is not an imaginary sphere of whirling white light protecting you from negative energy vibes. Simply put, it is those areas in your life upon which you have direct influence. It also affects those areas that you have yet to control which are within your skills, beliefs & abilities to attain.

What would Be Within your Sphere of Power?
Let’s say you see a pen on the desk and you reach out your hand and grab it. That is too easy a task within your Sphere of Power. Let’s say you just need $500 for something urgent tomorrow. Perhaps your computer’s broken down and you need to replace some parts. But you don’t have any cash at hand right now, and your pay would depend upon your computer working so you can get a job done. It’s only $500.

What is within your Sphere of Power, then, in this situation? You know a friend who can help you. He’s quite well to do, and the type who wouldn’t mind lending you $500 once in a while if you really need it. All you need to do is ask. Ask and you shall receive. Simple, right?

Your Sphere of Power actually expands when it is fully used. The more you do those things which are within your Sphere of Power, the more things you’ll be able to have or do, as they too will be conquered by your growing Sphere of Power.

Once again, simply put, your Sphere of Power surrounds those things which are easy for you to attain if you only expend some honest effort to get it. It doesn’t require you to rise above what you perceive to be your limit, it doesn’t need you to go at it with Rocky- style guts, grit and determination, nor does it demand your blood, sweat and sacrifice. Just a tad little bit more effort, with the help and cooperation of the serendipitous workings of the universe (or the mysterious workings of God, if you like). So put your back into it!

Hence, it is important that when you are beginning to work on manifesting the success you want into your life, you must start only on those things which you do not have yet, but are still reasonably achievable as they are within your Sphere of Power. Think big, yes, but start small. Gradually add to your Sphere of Power so that as it grows, the more power you’ll have over your life, and the more things, events or people you’ll be able to attract, at will.

For example, if your present income stream has only been $1,000 a month for the past 10 years, you shouldn’t ask for a sudden burst of income of up to $10,000 a month. That may be possible, but very, very unlikely. It’s not wrong to dream of attaining a 10K a month income one day, but start small.

Maybe, start by asking for a double in salary, or strive to attain double the amount of revenue sales in a month, or take up a side hustle that can give you an additional $1,000 a month. That’s $2,000 per month and reasonably achievable for you (and believable for you as well). Then you double that again. And again. Until you reach your ultimate super- goal of $10,000 a month (or more).

Law of Multiplied Returns
Another concept which you can use hand in hand with your sphere of power is called the Law of Multiplied Returns (usually tenfold). According to the Law of Multiplied Returns, that which we want to happen to us, we do unto others. It shall be returned unto us 10 times more. This is also usually known as the Law of Tenfold Return, or the Seed Money Principle.

Much controversy surrounds the seed money concept, but that is not within the scope of this article here. From what we know, the Law of Tenfold Return exists and works – only if you’d make it so. It’s quite logical, really. This Law engages you into a symbiotic relationship with the universe. You give back a little bit of what you take from the universe, and the universe will generously give you more.

It is also something like investing in your goal. The Law of Multiplied Returns works much better than any investment scheme of any kind – except that returns are guaranteed, if you want, and extremely profitable; not only limited to money, but also other goals as well.

In a Nutshell
Both your Sphere of Power and the Law of Multiplied Returns should be utilised in every aspect of your life, especially your goals. These two concepts, together with effective actions, perseverance and determination, will go a long way in helping you achieve success.