Why you Have The Right To Be Financially Independent

Why you Have The Right To Be Financially Independent

Yes, you do have a right to be financially independent. The reverse corollary of this is that you have absolutely no right to be struggling financially. At all. Struggling financially serves no fruitful function. Struggling financially not only deprives you of a fuller life, but deprives others of the potential value that you can better give them if you are financially independent. There is absolutely nothing noble or altruistic about struggling financially.

It doesn’t matter what philosophy, religion or culture you belong to, but you have to realise that you and every single human being on the planet have the right to be financially independent. If any person or system seeks to deprive you of that right, you should be wary and reclaim your right to be financially independent with your own hands.

But it does not mean that we should all strive to be greedy hedonists who care for nothing but material and monetary gain. Having the right to be financially independent means being able to live a full, financially independent life and giving others the chance to do the same if they want to and if it means having monetary wealth, so be it.

We don’t want to be financially independent with money but poor in health. We don’t want to have opulence and luxury but do so at the expense of other worthy values. Being truly financially independent is to be financially free, intellectually free, spiritually free (whatever your understanding of spirituality is), fully healthy, basically to be full in all aspects and all dimensions and all areas of our lives, which define us as humans.

But let’s step down from that idealistic pedestal for a moment and get real. What is the chief overriding concern of most people? Money. Like it or not, no matter what ideas we hold about the true meaning or nature of wealth, the cold hard reality is that we cannot escape the presence and importance of money in our lives.

Money is like oxygen. It is crucial to our survival – if we don’t get it, we’ll die – but it is not the end that we are pursuing. We don’t live just for the sake of getting as much oxygen as possible. We breathe oxygen so that we can live and use what energy we get from our body’s consumption of oxygen (and nutrition, etc) to create the kind of life that we want. Similarly, we need money but it is not the end that we are pursuing. Banks, corporations and financial institutions might disagree, but these entities are coming from a different perspective.

First of all, how do you determine what is being financially independent? Is it really about financial freedom and being able to wield wads of cash? If you say so, you only got 50% of it correct. It is more about having the freedom and resources to pursue whatever it is we want to pursue and explore the many possibilities of life.

But why is it so? Imagine this: If I sell a $50,000 painting to a rural herder for $50, I’ll be doing him an injustice, since it offers no value to him. If I sell a $5,000 rifle to him at $500, he can protect his herd and hunt for food. It has more value to him. So as you can see, the price tag is not a good gauge of value, neither is the money you possess. It is what you do with it that matters.

A nephew can inherit $5,000,000 from a rich distant uncle but fail to utilize fully; he may hide everything in a vault or squander it in gambling. At the end of the day, he is still not financially independent. Being financially independent is to do what is required of us.

So what is required of us? What really matters? To be more specific; it is to: “Use every means and resources available to develop ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and help as many people as possible to do the same!”

The only shortcoming is that pursuing these developments require money to support them. If you understand that you have a right to stay alive, you know that you have to do what is expected of us – to develop ourselves and help others to do the same.

Resources and actions are needed and unfortunately, they don’t grow on bushes. You need money to buy these resources and carry out the work. So you have to be financially independent enough to afford these resources. Hence you have a right to be financially independent!