About Us

Hi there, and thank you for dropping by GenerateIncomeStreams.com. We are a group of professionals and friends who come from different backgrounds and working industries. We came up with the idea of starting this website back when we just graduated and started working our day jobs.

Back then we were living paycheck to paycheck and totally oblivious about our finances and how to save our money wisely. We had to learn the hard way on how to managed our money and generate streams of income effectively. It then hit us that many individuals may be facing the same problems as us, and we thought long and hard about how we could impart our knowledge and wisdom to the masses, and prevent them from making the same mistakes we did.

So the idea for GenerateIncomeStreams.com was sowed in our minds. Fast forward to today, we bought the domain, and created this website and blog.

What it’s all about.

You will find everything here that we sincerely hope will assist anyone who is interested in being financially independent. We will post content, reviews and articles on financial freedom  generating income streams, business, wealth, investing, and so much more. There will be a lot of income generating focused content and resources in the future, so visit us often to stay updated!